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CNET.co.uk Reader Awards 2007: The votes are in

Over 3,500 of you told us your opinions in our Reader Awards poll -- and you surprised us by giving one of the most hyped products of the year a right kicking

The results are in for our Reader Awards poll -- and Apple won't be happy. Over 3,500 of you voted, and the answer was loud and clear: you don't want an iPhone in your Christmas stocking, you're after Sony's Bravia KDL-40W2000 high-definition television.

Sony's 40-inch 1080p TV definitely won't fit in your stocking -- barely under the tree -- but it was the clear winner over Apple's new ultra-hyped mobile phone. The whole thing turned into a right old Apple-Sony barney when the refreshed Apple iMac conquered both Sony's PlayStation 3 and the Vaio CR series laptop in the Most Stylish category. How's that for a little competitive Christmas spirit?

With nine million people in the UK part of the revolution that is Facebook, we're not surprised you voted it the Best Social Networking Site over MySpace. With users tripling in the last six months, we're surprised you had time to vote for it between finding your primary school friends and stalking old flames.

As Facebook's on the agenda, we know how you think most of its applications are a waste of space. You told us you're particularly unimpressed with the Harry Potter Spells and Charms app, voting it the most useless. It's not like you can actually perform real spells with it, anyway.

And finally, the last thing you told us? No cables. You want wireless recharging on your gadgets, and you want it now -- even more than proper cameras on phones. Many thanks to everyone who voted. Here's the winners in full. -Shannon Doubleday

Most Wanted Gadget this Christmas
Winner: Sony's Bravia KDL-40W2000
Nominees: Apple iPhone, Xbox 360 Elite, Archos 605 WiFi, BT Vision

Best Social Networking Site
Winner: Facebook
Nominees: MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Wink

Most Wanted Product Feature
Winner: Wireless recharging
Nominees: Phones with proper cameras, working voice and handwriting recognition, cameras with built-in GPS to record where you took your photos

Most Stylish Product
Winner: Apple iMac
Nominees: Sony Vaio CR series, Sony PlayStation 3, Canon Digital IXUS 70, LG Shine

Most Useless Facebook Application
Winner: Harry Potter Spells and Charms
Nominees: Horoscopes, Zombies, Pirates vs Ninjas, Cities I've Visited