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CNET Asks: What’s your favorite tech product for the summer?

Whether you’re traveling, spending time with friends, or just hanging out by the pool, which tech products do you tend to grab for?

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It's summer! And tech always makes your relaxation time that much better. Whether you are a student taking a break for the summer, or just trying to enjoy the nice weather over the weekend, there is a tech product for the occasion.

Bluetooth speakers are great for creative fun and memorable moments with friends or just relaxing by the beach or at the park. Do you tend to grab for a camera, to capture those wonderful moments? Portable chargers are great for you who like to spend your summers and free time traveling, you won't worry about your phone reaching 0%. Or do you like to chill during your free time and like to read your favorite book off of your tablet or e-reader.

CNET is curious to know what tech products (other than your phone) can you not live without during the summer? Let us know with the poll below! Let us know in the comments if we are missing one of your favorite summer tech products.