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CNET Asks: How do you choose the right dashcam?

Dashcams are more popular than ever and we want to know how you decide which one to purchase.


Some dashcams, like this one from Evasa, are priced as low as just $30.


In Roadshow Senior Editor Brian Cooley's article he showed us that dashcams are ever-increasing in popularity in the states, and not just for deep-diving on YouTube for accidents or catching would-be insurance scammers in Russia anymore. 

Dashcams are incredibly useful gadgets and have been standard practice in police cars, buses, taxis, and for driving instructors, but nowadays regular drivers are starting to take advantage of them as well. They've helped out so many people, I wonder why they don't come standard when you buy a new car, but that's a different conversation.

The general purpose of a dashcam is to record, in detail, what takes place on the road as you drive. This way you have proof of what went down and who is at fault should there be an accident or some other situation where you need to prove culpability.

Some people use dashcams so they can rewatch their road trips and relive those scenic views. Whatever the intended use may be, there are some inherent difficulties in picking the right one.

The problem is, there are so many different dashcams out there on the market today. So many different price points and different specs, it can be a headache to choose the right one. While budget certainly is a huge factor when purchasing anything, it's always important to do some research before making a purchase. That being said we have a few questions for you.

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Do you have a dashcam? We want to know how you decided on yours! Was it a specific feature, specific brand, or just the cost? What are you hoping to capture on the cam? Take a look at the poll below and let us know! If you need help deciding on a dashcam yourself make sure to check out Roadshow's list of dashcams and buying tips here.