Clean your fruits and vegetables naturally

This activated oxygen cleaning machine promises to sanitize the foods you eat.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets
Eat your veggies--skip the dirt. Vesture

How vigorously do you scrub your fruits and vegetables when you bring them home from the supermarket? Even if you're buying organic, local fruits and veggies directly from the farm, are you sure no one else's grubby hands were all over them an hour ago?

Food-borne disease is a real threat, and harmful bacteria could be lurking on your fruits and vegetables. Is there anything you can do? Well, yes, according to the makers of Cuisine-Clean.

The Cuisine-Clean machine deep cleans and removes harmful pesticides, as well as E. coli, salmonella, listeria giardia, and cryptosporidium from your food quickly and easily, using the same technology that filters the water in your taps.

What is this magic technology? Activated oxygen, commonly called ozone, or 03. It naturally oxidizes bacteria and fungi on food surfaces--and it gets the dirt and grime as well.

The Cuisine-Clean runs about $150.