Clean up iTunes by hiding Apple Music

If you use iTunes but not Apple Music, you can simplify iTunes 12.4's interface by hiding all of the Apple Music-related buttons.

Not every iTunes user is an Apple Music subscriber.

If you purchase music through iTunes instead of subscribing to a streaming music service or subscribe to Spotify or a streaming service other than Apple Music, you can streamline the iTunes interface and hide the four Apple Music-related buttons -- For You, New, Radio and Connect -- that sit between the My Music and iTunes Store bookends.

To hide these four Apple Music buttons, open iTunes and from go to iTunes > Preferences. Click on the Restrictions tab and check the boxes to disable Apple Music and Connect.

The Apple Music checkbox removes the For You, New and Radio buttons, while the Connect checkbox removes the Connect button. Click OK to save your changes, which leaves you with only the My Music and iTunes Store buttons at the top of iTunes.

And if you use Spotify or another streaming service other than Apple Music and use iTunes only to listen to an old music library and rarely if ever make iTunes purchases, check the box to disable iTunes Store on the Restrictions page.

This hides all four of the Apple Music-related buttons and the iTunes Store button, for a blissfully streamlined iTunes design with only the My Music button at the top.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Simplify the iOS Music app

Similarly, you can hide Apple Music-related buttons in the iOS Music app. Go to Settings > Music and tap to turn off the toggle switch for Show Apple Music. With this setting turned off, the For You and New buttons are removed from the Music app. You can also remove the Connect button by going to Settings > General > Restrictions and toggling off Apple Music Connect.

With these two settings, you are left with but three buttons at the bottom of the Music app: My Music, Playlists and Radio.

(OS X Daily via Lifehacker)