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Clean cutting with UV-cleaned cutting boards

The Germ Killing Ultra Violet Cutting Board System features a UV light embedded in the storage unit.

At least one place in the kitchen can be germ-free.
At least one place in the kitchen can be germ-free. The Sharper Image

Kitchens aren't the cleanliest of places. Oh, sure, we like to pretend they are, but in reality they are populated with more than the eye can see. However, just because kitchens are breeding grounds for harmful germs, it doesn't mean we all must go running into the night. All it takes to make those kitchen surfaces we use every day to be as cleanly as we need them to be is a little common sense and precaution. Oh, and a bright UV light doesn't hurt, either.

The Germ Killing Ultra Violet Cutting Board System, which will run you around $129.99, consists of a set of four polypropylene cutting boards designed to kill germs between uses. Capable of mounting on the wall for out-of-the-way cutting board storage, the device offers easy accessibility to one of the most often-used pieces of kitchen equipment. After use and cleaning, replacing the board in the base unit bathes the board in germ-killing UV-C light.

Ultraviolet light as a germicide seems to be big these days, but the precedent for its use goes back some time. While the technology may be nothing new, its prevalence in the kitchen appears to be growing. And considering some of the other stuff that can grow in the kitchen, that is probably a good thing.

Via Appliancist