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Clean clothes for everyone!

Haier's compact portable washing machine makes it possible to do laundry in smaller spaces.

Nearly 15 years ago, I rented a ground floor apartment with no washing machine. When my future mother-in-law suggested I get familiar with the route to the nearest Laundromat, I actually laughed out loud. Instead, I got a full-size washing machine that my soon-to-be husband hooked up to the kitchen sink. The washer wasn't really designed for that--the shaking of the spin cycle nearly wrenched the sink from the wall more than once. There was also the minor issue of not having any room to actually cook in my kitchen, but I am much less opposed to eating out than I am to laundering out.

Connect this washing machine to your kitchen sink in just a few simple steps. Haier America

Apparently, I was just a bit ahead of my time. Haier's Pulsator washing machine is a compact appliance that doesn't sacrifice features or usability. It's designed for small spaces and connects quickly to your kitchen sink with the included adapter.

The unit's small size--it's about 1 cubic foot--makes it portable, so you can put it away when you don't need it. (It weighs about 40 pounds, so you don't want to store it too far from where you use it.) Actual dimensions are 17 19/32 inches by 17 1/4 inches by 29 29/32 inches--so measure your space before you buy.

The machine doesn't have a center agitator, so you can fit in about 6.5 pounds of dirty clothes, and the pulsating system gets your clothes clean without tangling them into knots.

Choose from three water levels and three wash cycles--heavy, normal, and quick, and use the leveling legs to ensure the machine balances properly on your floor or counter.

If you're stuck in a small space and can never remember to stock up on quarters, this machine might be worth looking into.