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Chrome OS 81 gets tablet-friendly gestures

The latest Chrome OS update features easy navigation gestures and a new Quick Shelf dock.

Angela Lang/CNET

Google's new Chrome OS 81 update for Chromebooks is set with new navigation gestures for easier use in tablet mode. With more Chromebooks featuring touchscreens and keyboardless options such as Lenovo's Chromebook Duet, the update introduces Android 10 and iPadOS-like gestures when they're used as tablets. 

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With the new set of gestures, you can go to the home screen with a full swipe up from the bottom of the display. You can also swipe up and hold to switch apps, swipe left to go the previous page and a short swipe up to open Quick shelf. Google's redesigned Quick shelf allows you to access your pinned apps while saving screen space. You'll also be able to manage Chrome tabs with a touch-friendly tab strip while in tablet mode. 

Chromebooks, laptops and tablets that run on Google's Chrome OS, are in wide use in education and business. With schools and offices closed around the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Chromebooks have quickly become crucial distance-learning and work devices. Google has been regularly updating the OS in the past month

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