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Christmas fun with Flickr

Make mischief with the photos from the office party by adding hats and beards at Flickr

It's the morning after the Christmas party and you're alone in the office, waiting for your colleagues to emerge from their hangovers and straggle in to work. How should you spend your morning? Stealing their stationery? Covering their desks in tinfoil or Post-it notes? Or adding Christmas hats to the party photos you've uploaded to Flickr?

To add a hat to a Flickr image, click the Add Note button above the photo. Type 'ho ho ho hat' (without the quotes) into the note and the hat will magically appear. Move it into position and drag the corners of the box until the hat fits. For further Christmas magic, you can also add beards using 'ho ho ho beard'.

Ah, Christmas. Peace on earth and goodwill towards men. And silly hats all round. -ML