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'Chop Syc' smart chopping board is a tablet you can slice on

The design for the scratch-resistant chopping block comes straight out of Sharp's UK labs.

We've already seen tech worm its way into our ovens, light bulbs and coffee machines -- now it appears that not even the humble chopping board is safe from getting a gadget-centric makeover.

The 'Chop-Syc' is a concept smart chopping board that sees you slicing up veg on top of a glass, touchscreen panel.

The board connects wireless to the Internet, and displays recipes for your convenience. You can tell the board how many people you're cooking for, and it will helpfully scale up how much of each ingredient you'll need.

One example of the board's high-tech usefulness -- showcased in the video below -- could be an on-screen representation of how much spaghetti a recipe requires, helping you to dole out the correct portions before you start cooking.

Created by intern Siobhán Andrews at Sharp's Oxford labs, the Chop-Syc has built-in scales and a toughened glass front, to stop you slicing through it as you energetically dismantle an onion.

A rechargeable mat removes the need for irritating cables, and one end of the screen is slightly tapered, making it easier to move food off the board.

Unfortunately, the board is still at concept stage, and isn't ready to hit shop shelves yet. Sharp says it's currently looking at whether the Chop-Syc is suitable for the mass market, so fingers crossed.

Andrews' design won her a paid internship at Sharp's labs, where she's spent the last two months building the board. Here's hoping the Japanese tech giant offers her a job for all her hard work.

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