Chop garlic with the spin of a wheel

With the Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper you can chop garlic with no mess, no knife, and no worry.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper will protect your hands from cuts and the irremovable smell of garlic. Wrapables

I'm a big fan of putting fresh garlic in just about every meal, but that means that I spend a lot of time chopping the stuff. I'm always happy to find tools that can make that repetitive process go a little faster. The Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper can: rather than using a knife, you can toss your garlic into this chopper, roll its wheel against the counter, and get chopped garlic immediately. There are no more worries about the knife slicing your fingers, getting garlic in your eye, smelling like garlic for ages, or any of the other dangers and annoyances of chopping garlic. Furthermore, the rolling motion is much easier on your hands than chopping with a knife.

The Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper is made of plastic and has a stainless steel blade. The blade is removable, making it easy to wash the chopper--although it is not dishwasher safe. The section of the chopper that holds garlic is clear, so you can tell when your garlic has been chopped finely enough, while the wheels are black and the cogs are green. It will hold several cloves at once; it's 1.75 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches long. The Chef'n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper is priced at $9.95 at Wrapables.com.