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Choose your slices with Dial-a-Slice

Get just the thickness of apple slices you need with the Dial-a-Slice Fruit Corer and Wedger.

The Dial-a-Slice Corer and Wedger
Kitchen Krafts

Some days, you need thick apple slices to pack in lunches. Other days you need thin pear slices for a juicy dessert. With the Dial-a-Slice Fruit Corer and Wedger, you can get both with the same slicer. It adjusts between thick and thin slicing in a snap--just pull down, twist and push up to lock in your preferred set of blades in the Dial-a-Slice. You can choose between 16 thin, uniform slices, perfect for baking, or 8 thick wedges ideal for snacking. You can even slice up a mixture of both sizes, perfect for desserts where you want a variety of tender and crispy pieces of fruit.

To use the Dial-a-Slice Corer and Wedger, you simply line it up over the piece of fruit you want to slice and push down firmly. It cuts through fruits like apples easily, removing the core so you don't have to worry about it. The Dial-a-Slice has soft-grip handles that make use it much easier on your hands. If you need to slice up more than one apple, they particularly come in handy. It also comes with a safety cap, so you can store it without worrying about a child trying to use it. The Dial-a-Slice Corer and Wedger is $19.95.