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Chill food and chill out

Odds are pretty good that if you're dragging along a cooler, you're planning on having a good time. But wouldn't that good time be a little bit better with some quality tunes? The BoomCooler can provide.

The BoomCooler combines heavy bass with cold, cold beer.

We take coolers everywhere: out to the campsite, over to the neighbor's BBQ, off to the beach, and to the big game. Most of the time, we also take a radio or some music with us, but when we get out to the beach or are tailgating at the stadium, a little radio can't be heard over the ambient noise. The MPM Indurstries' BoomCooler provides a solution; it's a cooler that serves as a mount for a sub woofer, speakers, an amplifier, and a battery. The sound equipment all comes from the Sony Xplod line. It can handle iPods, Sirius Radio, MP3s, CDs and even AM/FM radio. The BoomCooler also has an auxiliary input.

The BoomCooler is actually usable as a cooler, believe it or not--although the manufacturer doen't recommend using it for wet storage. It can be used for dry storage, however. MPM Industries has also planned an entire line of accessories. The first, a cover for the BoomCooler, will be available in November. The BoomCooler is priced at $899 and, while all the sound equipment is included, that price does not include a battery. You'll have to buy that separately, due to shipping considerations, although MPM Industries has provided a list of recommendations.