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Chill and nuke from the comfort of your garage

Never leave the garage again with this fridge and microwave combo.

Covers the essentials Summit Appliances

Sometimes the kitchen can be really far away. Say you're hanging out in the garage playing poker, working on the car, or some other garage-related activity. Suddenly the need hits for a microwaveable treat and a cold brew. The warmth of the microwave and the chill of the refrigerator may not be too far away, but it sure is convenient to have them closer. No need to journey to the kitchen when you can stock up on the essentials in the comfort of your own garage. (Also applies to attics and basements).

Check out the Summit MRF2L, a 1.8 cubic-foot free-standing compact refrigerator with a microwave and front lock. The combination device rounds out most secondary refrigerator needs (at least the most important: cold beer) and combines two popular appliances into one convenient system. It may not be a true combination appliance, but it is designed to work as one system. Allowing for one-plug operation, it uses a power allocator to limit overall power use to 10 amps, saving you trips to the circuit breaker box.

Available for about $500, the refrigerator and microwave combination isn't too pricey. For those times when the kitchen seems to get farther and farther away, it sure is nice to have a convenient option nearby. It also comes with the ability to plug in a third appliance, so you can even set up a coffee maker and truly be set.