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Chibitronics mixes papercraft with circuits

Ever wanted to learn how to circuits work or just create something unique with paper and electricity? Now you can with these circuit stickers from Chibitronics


While most will remember him for hacking the original Xbox, Andrew "Bunnie" Huang has been busy since he moved to Singapore.

The American hacker, who has a Ph.D in electrical engineering from MIT, has been a Singaporean permanent resident for a while now and has based his operations in Singapore after coming to the island a few years ago as part of the now defunct Chumby team.

His latest project, Chibitronics, takes a different approach to electrical engineering, and uses circuits and a special conductive tape that can be stuck to paper or walls to make programmable LEDs light up without the need for soldering.

To keep it simple, each Chibitronics Starter Kit ($25) will come with a illustrated guide book that teaches you how to create your own simple circuits using methods such as pressure or even a light sensor to close the loop. A more advanced Duluxe Kit ($89) will also include programmable micro-controller stickers.

The creative force behind the project, however, isn't Huang. Jie Qi, a graduate student at MIT Media Lab, came up with the concept, and the two connected when he brought students on a tour to visit the factories at Shenzhen, China.

Huang says he helped with the operational side of things and that for now, while the focus is on the "creative and expressive angle first, the big and burly stuff will come later."

If you're keen on getting your hands on a set of circuit stickers to try out, you should head over to the company's Crowd Supply page. The product is shipping in May, but will first go to the earlier backers. Chibitronics is also sponsoring Deluxe sets to be used in the junior category of Singapore's annual 24-hour hackathon challenge, CodeXtremeApps.