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Cherries with no mess

The Cherry Chomper offers a fast way to remove pits from your cherries with no mess.

The Cherry Chomper Solutions

For Father's Day, I got my grandfather 3 pounds of cherries. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed them, if only because of the piles of cherry pits leftover. The Cherry Chomper provides a simple way to eliminate all those pits ahead of time--just place a cherry inside the gadget's mouth and press down. The cherry pits collect inside the Cherry Chomper's base, letting you dump them all out at once. It even catches juices from the pitting process, making cleanup much easier even in comparison to the typical hand-operated pitter. The chomper is made from durable plastic, designed to keep your hands and fingers safe while using it. It's even kid-friendly and offers a grip that you can use easily even if you're pitting enough cherries to make a pie.

The Cherry Chomper separates into two pieces, allowing for easy emptying when the catcher is full. The base is equipped with nonslip feet, to keep the tool steady while in use. The pitter is also spring-loaded in order to push through fruit without creating extra mess. The chomper is 6 inches by 3 inches by 2.5 inches, and comes with several cherry-based recipes. It can also be used with olives. The Cherry Chomper is priced at $12.95.