Cheers! Electronic beer fridge only opens when all work's in

Spare a thought for these office-dwellers toiling hard to finish their tasks -- their beer fridge only unlocks when the work is done.

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If you're anything like me, when Friday rolls around you've probably got one eye on the clock and one eye looking forward to a refreshing post-work beverage. Spare a thought then for these office-dwellers toiling hard to finish -- their beer fridge only unlocks when the last bit of work is handed in.

The Drink Time Sheet is a fully-stocked fridge of brewskis, which is electronically locked to the time sheet system at Brazilian marketing agency Casa. It only unlocks when all of the week's time sheets are turned in, which seems like a heck of an incentive not to put anything off until next week.

Workers can see how many time sheets have been completed with a mouthwatering display showing a beer bottle slowly filling as work is completed. When it reaches beer o'clock there's even a handy siren to make sure everybody knows it's time to down tools and start downing brews.

Press play on the video below to unlock the secrets of the fridge:

Other booze-related gadgets that give you that Friday feeling include the Heineken app that keeps football matches fresh by blocking the scores as you browse the Web, and the embarrassment-banishing Photoblocker.

Ah, the grand tradition that is the after-work pint. I'm certainly clock-watching as I write this article -- in fact, I may even have to resort to dirty tricks to bump up the word count. In fact, to bump up the word count, I may even have to resort to dirty tricks.

Does your workplace treat you right to encourage you to get your work done? What gets you through Friday? Pour yourself a cold one and pour out your heart in the comments, or over on our Facebook page. Oh, and remember, please drink responsibly. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I just heard a fridge unlocking...