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Charge your Pebble on the run with Nomad's keychain cable

The NomadKey for Pebble is the first truly mobile charging cable for the popular smartwatch.

Is this the key to Pebble happiness? Nomad

For anyone who relies heavily on their Pebble smartwatch, a dead battery can prove a serious hassle. It robs you of not only your notifications, but also your timepiece. And despite the company's claims of up to a week of battery life, real-world runtime (in my experience, anyway) measures closer to four days.

You could buy a spare charging cable, sure, but where are you supposed to keep it? Nomad has a solution: The NomadKey for Pebble is the first Pebble charging cable designed to ride around on your keychain.


The NomadKey is exactly what it sounds like: a cable masquerading as a key. At one end there's a USB connector for plugging into a laptop or other powered port; at the other, the proprietary magnetic connector that snaps onto the Pebble.

Similar to Nomad's microUSB and Lightning keychain cables, this one measures 6.6 centimeters and is made of rubber, so it's flexible. It works with the original Pebble -- but not, unfortunately, the Pebble Steel.

According to a company rep, a future version will support the forthcoming Pebble Time ; again, there's no mention of the Steel. Nomad backs the product with a two-year warranty.

The NomadKey is available for purchase immediately via Nomad's website and Amazon (where it shows an in-stock date of April 6). It sells for $19.95.

What do you think, Pebble fans? Is this something you could use?