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Celebrate the Fourth with ice cream

The American Flag Ice Cream Spoons may be the perfect fit for your next 4th of July bash.

The American Flag Ice Cream Spoons
The American Flag Ice Cream Spoons

Every Fourth of July party needs plenty of decorations, dishes and utensils covered in the American flag. Your ice cream spoons can join the party, provided that they're the American Flag Ice Cream Spoons. The set includes four spoons that are extra long so you can use them to scoop ice cream from a deep soda-fountain glass, as well as eat other tasty treats, like sorbet or frozen yogurt. The spoons measure 7.5 inches long. They also happen to have resin flags wrapped around the pole that makes up their handles for a patriotic taste. There's even a yellow sphere topping each flagpole.

The American Flag Ice Cream Spoons are primarily made from stainless steel. However, the red, white, and blue resin used for the handle requires hand washing after you've eaten your summer holiday treat. The stainless steel is more than durable enough to take on a wide variety of frozen treats. These spoons may also make a great gift, whether you have international friends in need of a U.S. souvenir or you need a hostess gift for someone particularly fond of ice cream. The set of four American Flag Ice Cream Spoons is available for $19.95 from Williams-Sonoma.