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Canon Wonder Camera solves future world's ills, takes a smashing pic

Canon's new concept boasts the power of infinite lenses in one camera, with impossibly high resolution and constant recording. We don our futurology hats to find out more

These days we're getting all excited about the option to swap lenses on compact cameras with Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX and other interchangeable lens systems. But in 20 years time all that will be hilariously outdated, with Canon's new concept boasting the power of infinite lenses in one camera.

It's all blue-sky thinking at this stage, with Canon showing off the concept at the Shanghai World Expo, gizmag reports. The camera has such sci-fi elements as a touch interface with no visible screen, 100x zoom with perfect image stabilisation and constant video recording. You simply film all the time, and pick the shots you want afterwards, as everything's somehow always in focus.

It's even called the Wonder Camera, which at least suggests that by 2030 tech companies will have done away with names made up of strings of indecipherable numbers.

Point your obsolete ocular orbs at gizmag's demo video below: