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Canon takes to the skies in a DC100

Canon's 'spring collection' has sprung, and with it all the joys of the season burst forth like the juice of a ripe lychee. Lock your daughters in the pantry, Canon is going all DVD!

Canon's DC100 has exploded on the home camcorder market like a ripe durian colliding with the hot asphalt of a Singapore backstreet. We took a look at the DC100 at Canon's journalist-plumping shindig on Tuesday, and baby do these puppies fandango.

The DC100 is Canon's new entry-level widescreen DVD (-R/-RW) camcorder. It's geared up to record both video and still images straight to disc, and, for true widescreen recording, the camcorder's CCD uses all of its horizontal pixels to capture panoramic movies.

If you've got a widescreen TV, the footage on the DC100 is well suited. There's a one-push button to choose between 16:9 and standard 4:3 shooting modes. There's also a 25x optical (1,000x digital) zoom lens with electronic image stabilisation and variable zoom speeds.

We don't have any details on UK pricing yet, but we'll keep you posted. Expect a full review soon. -CS