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Tasman Glacier lit up to remind us how beautiful nature is

Backed by Canon, a photographer and projectionist team up to raise environmental awareness.

A giant, gold projected hand glows on the ice in the Tasman Glacier.
Vaughan Brookfield

Hopefully you already know that we should be protecting and appreciating the environment. If you don't though, this project is here to remind you.

See that photo? It's part of the "The Nameless," a collaboration between photographer Vaughan Brookfield and projectionist Tom Lynch. Lynch uses projected imagery to light up nature, while Brookfield takes snaps with his camera. 

Their latest adventure took them to New Zealand's Tasman Glacier Lake, a place personal to Brookfield. "At a young age I visited Tasman Glacier," he said. "I've since returned only to find it has retreated by more than a kilometre in the past decade." The pair were backed by Canon's "Show Us What's Possible" campaign for their expedition. 

The photography giant isn't the only tech company doing its part to help out the environment. Former US vice president and climate change activist Al Gore earlier this year called Apple "one of a handful of the most environmentally responsible and committed companies in the world." Apple was also among a group of tech titans, including Google, Intel and Microsoft, who in June declared their intention to continue to work toward reducing carbon emissions after US President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement.