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Canon PowerShot D10: Canon dips its toes into waterproof market

With the PowerShot D10, the first of a new range of cameras premiered today, Canon is swimming with the tough guys in the waterproof and shockproof market

Canon has announced a slew of new cameras this morning. We'll be getting our hands on the new range at an exclusive showcase later today, but first we're going to 'wet' your appetite with a quick look at Canon's first waterproof snapper: the PowerShot D10.

Canon has got into the tough-camera market previously cornered by Olympus. And the 12-megapixel D10 doesn't mess about, either: it will dive dive dive to 10m.

It's also dustproof, shockproof when dropped from roughly shoulder height, and freeze-resistant to -10°C.

Camera features include a 3x optical zoom, face and blink detection, and i-Contrast to brighten darker areas where detail may be lost in shadow. A 64mm (2.5-inch) screen is covered by a 2mm-thick protective cover.

So book your summer holidays now, then at the end of April you'll be able to snap up the D10 for £380.