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Calvin Harris gets Ready for the Weekend with the Humanthesizer

Top dance-music chap (it says here) Calvin Harris has recuited a bevy of bikini-clad models -- as you do -- and painted them with conductive body paint to recreate his latest single. Check out the video

Proving that he really does "like all the girls", Scotland's premier purveyor of hands-in-the-air 'choons', Calvin Harris, recreates his new single Ready For The Weekend using a bevy of bikini-clad women as instruments.

Each has been painted with Bare ink, a non-toxic and temporary conductive paint, on their hands and feet, with a connecting line of paint snaking over their bodies. When they stand on pads that have been coated with the ink, the circuit is completed and a sound is created. Harris calls it the Humanthesizer. Check it out in the video above.

Having gone to the trouble of recruiting 15 lovely ladywomen in bikinis, it seems odd to set the whole thing in what looks like an abandoned school gymnasium. But what do we know about music? We're a gadget blog, not Amanda Holden.

Harris doesn't have a great track record with technology, having made up a story about losing his laptop and the only copy of his album so as to have more time to finish his homework. Check out the behind-the-scenes video below.