When and where to buy the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Learn how you can get your hands on Microsoft's first laptop and latest tablet and what various configurations and prices look like for these two new devices.

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At its Windows 10 devices event in New York today, Microsoft introduced its first laptop, the Surface Book, and the next iteration of its Surface Pro tablet, the Surface Pro 4.

Both the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 will be available October 26 (November 12 in Australia), with preorders beginning October 7. Microsoft states the products will be available online at Microsoftstore.com, its brick-and-mortar Microsoft stores, authorized resellers and select partner retailers.

The Surface Book is the first laptop built by Microsoft. It features a 13.5-inch display that can be detached from the base and used as a Windows 10 tablet. When connected, a unique and flexible hinge Microsoft calls a "dynamic fulcrum hinge" holds the two halves together.

You can read about all the product details from the launch event for the Surface Book here . It will feature Intel's sixth-generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

Pricing starts at $1,499/AU$2,299. Microsoft has announced five Surface Book models.

Microsoft Surface Book configurations

CPURAMSSDGraphicsUS price
Intel Core i5 8GB128GBIntel HD 520$1,499
Intel Core i5 8GB256GBIntel HD 520$1,699
Intel Core i5 8GB256GBNvidia GeForce$1,899
Intel Core i7 8GB256GBNvidia GeForce$2,099
Intel Core i7 16GB512GBNvidia GeForce$2,699

Pricing and availability in the UK has not yet been announced, but converted directly would range from a £985 base model up to a roughly £1,770 top model. In Australia, only the entry-level pricing has been confirmed: AU$2,299. The topline model would convert to around AU$3,775.

The Surface Pro 4 tablet boasts a larger screen at 12.3 inches than the 12.0-inch Surface Pro 3 while fitting inside the same frame. It has also slimmed down ever so slightly from 9.1mm to 8.4mm.

Pricing starts at $899/AU$1,349. Microsoft has announced six Surface Pro 4 models.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 configurations

Intel Core M3 4GB128GB$899
Intel Core i5 4GB128GB$999
Intel Core i5 8GB256GB$1,299
Intel Core i7 8GB256GB$1,599
Intel Core i7 16GB256GB$1,799
Intel Core i7 16GB512GB$2,199

You can read about all the product details from the launch event for the Surface Pro 4 here .

As with the Surface Book, pricing and availability for the Surface Pro 4 in the UK has not yet been announced, but converted would range from a £590 base model up to a £1,445 top model. In Australia, pricing starts at AU$1,349 with higher-specced models yet to be priced.

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