Buy a DJI Spark for $399, get a free remote

Normally a $119 extra, the remote makes the drone easier to fly and extends the range.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The DJI Spark is a terrific little drone, notable for packing lots of advanced features into a compact frame. Among those features: gesture-controlled operation, which would seem to obviate the need for a remote.

But I strongly recommend getting one, in part because it makes the Spark easier to control and in part because it extends the range. Normally it's a $119 extra -- unless you buy the Fly More bundle, in which case it adds $149 -- but for a limited time, you can get a free remote when you buy the DJI Spark for $399. (That price also includes a free 16GB microSD card.)

Granted, you could buy a refurbished Spark for $279, add the remote and come out about the same. But all else being equal, new is obviously preferable. Read CNET's DJI Spark review to learn more.

Buy the DJI Spark (with remote and microSD card) for $399 from

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