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Buy a Dell 19-inch widescreen LCD for $349, get a free PC

Dell's entry-level Vostro desktop comes with a 19-inch widescreen LCD and other goodies, all for an appetizing $349.


Okay, not really--the Dell Vostro mini-tower PC sells for $349 and comes with the aforementioned monitor, which is a pretty amazing deal any way you look at it. Granted, you'll have to live with a pokey Intel Celeron processor (does the phrase "molasses in winter" mean anything?), but at least you get 1GB of RAM and Windows XP as your OS. (You can also get Vista Home Basic, but does the phrase "molasses in Russian winter" mean anything?)

Other specs include an 80GB hard drive, DVD/CD-RW drive, and 1-year warranty. So, yeah, this is the system to get for your kids or grandparents--folks who have fairly basic computing needs. But you better hurry: Dell's Vostro notebooks went on sale yesterday, and today they're sold out. These desktops won't last, either. [via Wired]