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Buy a better bread bin

Bread bin by Joseph Joseph helps The Brooklyn Kitchen celebration ring in Bread Month this March.

The bin is also available in black and red on Joseph Joseph's Web site. Brooklyn Kitchen

Two blocks away from my apartment is a little kitchen supply shop called The Brooklyn Kitchen. Inside the modest space, you'll find the best selection of kitchen staples and crazy gadgets in the neighborhood, along with a superfriendly staff and a calendar full of cooking classes to choose from. March is Bread Month in The Brooklyn Kitchen, and in celebration of our favorite freshly baked carbohydrate, the store is featuring this Bread Bin by Joseph Joseph on its Web site.

Joseph Joseph is a company started by twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph. They built on a family glass business and made it successful with their complimentary design and business backgrounds. Their kitchen gadgets are simple and stylish, focusing on functionality and including appropriately modest portions of design whimsy. Their colors are solid and bright, and the items that include patterns and designs embody an art museum-inspired spirit, very cool and very pretty.

The Bread Bin lives up to the functional nature of the Joseph Joseph design collection by having simple lines and coming in simple white, black, or red melamine base colors. The lid is made of natural beechwood and can be flipped over and used as a breadboard.

The Joseph Joseph Bread Bin is available in white on The Brooklyn Kitchen's Web site for $75. You can also learn more about Joseph Joseph by visiting its Web site.