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Buttered toast and Earl Grey tea, together in perfect harmony

The Breville Ikon Kettle and Toaster combines the best of both worlds by joining a tea kettle with a toaster.

America seems to run on Starbucks. If the world's supply of coffee beans were destroyed, we would be faced by listless zombies struggling to pull themselves out of bed everyday. However, if you're part of the population that doesn't need their daily jolt of caffeine, the latest product from Breville might catch your eye.

Breville's Ikon Kettle & Toaster Breville

In what would seem like something out of sheer science fiction to the tea-drinking community, Breville has combined an electronic tea kettle with an electronically controlled toaster to create a mutant of the breakfast world. With sheer convenience in mind, it features a sleek nested design to fit in a compact kitchen to fit the same space your old toaster used to occupy.

If the idea of a toaster/tea kettle combination doesn't do anything for you, it also features the "A Bit More" button for when your toast is almost perfect but just needs, like the button says, a bit more. Additional features include an electronic browning control dial, extra wide and deep self-centering toaster slots to ensure even toasting, and a 1-liter capacity kettle to ensure there's plenty of Earl to go around.

So, throw out your old toaster, give your tea kettle to the Salvation Army, and invite the girls over for afternoon tea.