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Bust your home network through the walls without busting walls has the IOGear Homeplug Powerline Networking Kit for $46.49 after rebate, and shipping is free!


In my folks' house, built in the early 70s, it is impossible to get a Wi-Fi signal to travel beyond one room. We've tried numerous routers, always with the same head-scratching result. And I know many others who've encountered similar Wi-Fi Kryptonite issues. So how's a home user supposed to ferry their Internet connection from, say, the downstairs den to an upstairs bedroom?

Answer: a powerline networking kit.'s got an IOGear package for just $46.49 (shipped!) after a $20 mail-in rebate. (First-time Google Checkout users can knock another 10 bucks off the price.)

In case you're unfamiliar with the powerline networking concept, you plug one little box into an AC adapter near your router, then connect an Ethernet cable to an available port. Next, you plug a second box into an AC adapter in the room where you want Internet access; its Ethernet cable connects to your PC's Ethernet jack. The Internet travels through your home's electrical wires. Sounds nutty, but it works--and it's crazy-easy to set up. The rebate expires on 11/17, so act fast.