Burger press makes perfect patties

Shaping hamburger patties is harder than you might think--too thick in the middle and you'll have a very rare burger with a crispy crust; too thin and the whole thing is liable to fall into the grill--but the Silicone Coated Burger Press can help.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Silicone Coated Burger Press cranks out perfect burger patty after perfect burger patty. Grill Friends

I buy my ground beef in bulk: 10 pounds at a time. To make storage a little easier, I like to turn it all into patties as soon as I get home. After all, hamburger patties are perfect for fitting in those hard-to-fill freezer corners. After a couple of pounds, though, my patties start looking a little haphazard, and I can't guarantee just how well they'll turn out when we actually get around to grilling them.

The Silicone Coated Burger Press from Grill Friends simplifies matters. You can crank out uniform hamburger patties pretty quickly with a press like this. The silicone is a great improvement on other burger presses: the raw meat doesn't stick or break when you remove the patty. It does make somewhat bigger burgers than other presses--3/4 of a pound. That's a full meal-type burger; no need for seconds. You can make smaller patties, however, if you wish. They'll still be 4-inches across, but you can make them thinner.

This burger press is priced at $19.99, which is a little more expensive than other presses. However, I think the silicone lining makes it worth the bump in price. Overall, the Silicone Coated Burger Press works better than plain plastic models.