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Keep your rich baby extra safe in a gold-plated bulletproof car seat

Latvian car company Dartz has built the ultimate safety seat for a wealthy client -- one that keeps a tyke safe from bullets.

With so much news of shootings these days, can you really blame them? Dartz

When you have kids, you tend to worry about a lot of things. Will your child ever be potty-trained? Will she ever sleep through the night? When the heck is he going to stop biting people because he doesn't know how else to communicate?

One set of prosperous parents has taken worrying to a whole new level, asking luxury Latvian carmaker Dartz to make a high-end bulletproof car seat that keeps their bundle of joy safe from stray ammunition.

According to the company, the car seat offers the most protection a car seat can offer. Plus plenty of over-the-top finishing touches.

The back of the car seat, for example, is made from kevlar that's "over layered by carbon fiber with natural gold stitching," the company says in a release. And the seat itself is made out of gold-plated crocodile skin and high-quality leather. And, as most expensive car seats these days should be, it's compatible with iDevices so your kid can drive you crazy listen to their favorite music while cruising.

Dartz didn't disclose how much the car seat cost, or which couple decided to purchase it. But suffice it to say that whoever bought the luxurious, bulletproof car seat can also likely afford bulletproof windows and a bulletproof baseball hat for their chauffeur.

Yep, your child's butt will love this gold-plated crocodile skin. Dartz

(Via Luxury Launches)