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Build your own $1,500 talking robot with this DIY kit

Robi the robot dances, walks and speaks English and Mandarin. The bad news is you'll need to collect 70 issues of a weekly magazine before you get all the parts.

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Launched in 2012 in Japan, Robi the robot makes his bilingual debut in Singapore. Unlike many such toys, however, Robi requires some assembly and patience. Robi comes in parts bundled with a weekly magazine that costs S$28.90 (that's around $21, £16.50, AU$28.50) per issue, for 70 weeks. You'll end up spending nearly S$2,000 -- about $1,500.

Fully assembling Robi will require you to buy all 70 issues of the magazine. But once completed, the robot will be able to speak English and Mandarin, as well as Singlish, an English-based creole language native to the island.

Created by Japanese professor Tomotaka Takahashi, Robi is capable of dancing, turning on your TV and doing push ups. At launch, the robot will have a vocabulary of 250 phrases. Check out the prototype Robi in action in the video above.