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Buffalo MiniStation: Armour-plated storage

Buffalo's MiniStation is a shock-proof portable hard drive -- perfect for those moments when little Johnny decides to send Daddy's data on a short-haul flight off the edge of a table

As long-distance frequent fliers know, the average laptop hard drive just isn't big enough to hold the music and video required to stave off the boredom of a 12-hour trek to Japan. One solution is to go out and buy a portable hard drive and fill it with all the episodes of The Simpsons you can find. But what if you take a stroll to combat the dangers of deep-vein thrombosis, your hard drive goes crashing to the floor, and your favourite animated comedy is gone forever?

Buffalo has the answer for all clumsy travellers with its new MiniStation. It's an armour-protected USB portable hard drive which can protect your data when you drop it and the evil forces of gravity take their toll. Buffalo sent us an advanced Japanese version of the MiniStation ahead of its release in the UK this month, when it will be priced at around £80 for the 40GB version or £115 for the 80GB model. 

What else can this armour-clad portable-storage monster offer to hardcore hard-drive animals? It will automatically make a full backup of Microsoft Windows at the touch of the button, it runs at 5,400rpm for fast access, and it's the lightest shock-tolerant drive on the market at 174g. -GC