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<b>Troubleshooting AppleShare Client 3.7

Troubleshooting AppleShare Client 3.7

Apple has release AppleShare Client 3.7. The ReadMe file for the new software contains some interesting nuggets of news. Here's a sampler:

The AppleShare Client Installer places the appropriate localized AppleShare Chooser extension in the Extensions folder inside the System Folder. It also upgrades the AutoRemounter control panel to version 1.4.2. On PCI Macintosh computers, the Installer upgrades the Ethernet driver to version 1.0.5.

Microsoft Office Manager causes the AppleShare Client 3.7 software to crash when you try to connect to an AppleShare file server. To correct this problem, install Office Manager Updater, available from Microsoft.

The NetWare User Authentication Module (UAM) is incompatible with AppleShare Client 3.7. Contact Novell for an update.

Utilities that mount disk images from AppleShare File Servers may have problems with the AppleShare Client 3.7 software. If you have problems, contact the vendor for a new version.

AppleShare 3.7 requires Open Transport 1.1.2. Apple has previously recommended not installing this version on a PowerBook 3400 running 7.6.1. However, as the ReadMe file notes, you can use OT 1.1.2 if:

When you install Open Transport 1.1.2 on a PowerBook 3400, you immediately install the Mac OS 7.6.1 Update for PowerBook 3400. The Update fixes a problem that could cause crashes when you switch between Infrared and LocalTalk.

Finally, reader Rafael Cruz describes three glitches with the new software that he says are "reproducible." (I am still having trouble downloading the update at any reasonable transfer rate - so I could not confirm these reports myself - however I have gotten confirmation of them from another reader, Jeffrey Berman).

AppleShare Client may install with its Bundle bit turned off, causing its new color icon not to appear. You can fix this by the usual method of turning on the Bundle bit and unchecking the Inited bit - using a utility such as Snitch or ResEdit. Then restart (you should not need to rebuild the desktop).

Conflict Catcher and ResEdit both report that the extension contains damaged resources. However, by opening the file with ResEdit's Verify command, you can fix the damage.

Now Menu's submenu of AppleShare servers - as listed off the AppleShare item in the Chooser submenu did not appear after updating to AppleShare Client 3.7.