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Bring your indoor kitchen out

Luxius outdoor kitchen by Newtrend allows you to have your high-end kitchen outside, complete with contemporary styles and cutting-edge technology.

Good taste in kitchens doesn't require an inside space.

Who says good style can only be achieved with the help of an interior designer? Creators of the Luxius outdoor kitchen from Newtrend beg to differ, showing us that sometimes, the key to great interior design is a good exterior.

The kitchen combines contemporary style with top-end materials to create a model-home-worthy kitchen in front of an unconventional background. The kitchen is customizable, so you can add or subtract cabinets and cooking equipment to suit your specific outdoor cooking needs.

The kitchen pictured has a Boretti Black Mezzo cooktop with a cast-iron hotplate and six burners (four burners plus a wok burner and a back burner), as well as easy-to-see electronic lighting. The counters are made of granite, and the cabinetry is made from stainless steel and oak.

Other kitchen custom options are: stove with side burners; stone grills; baking plates; roasting spits; stainless steel grills and racks to keep food warm; lid-integrated thermometer; and built-in electronic igniters.

Unfortunately for us, the outdoor kitchens are only being shown in showrooms in the Netherlands. However, a plea on Luxius' Web site urges companies interested in importing the outdoor dining hobs to take the plunge.