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Bring home the bakery

The West Bend 41300 Hi Rise Bread Maker features programmable options allowing for anyone to enjoy the scent of freshly baked bread in their own kitchen. Complete with a bake delay option, the bread maker is capable of greeting users returning home from work with a loaf of freshly baked bread.

Easy bread baking.
Easy bread baking.
Focus Electrics

Some foods carry along with them an aroma that is unmistakable and at times intoxicating. Bacon, for example. Popcorn also has a way of permeating every nook and cranny, sometimes smelling better than it tastes. Chocolate-chip cookies are another example of a well-loved baking scent. But it is not always comfort food that resonates with our senses; sometimes it is something much more simple. When it comes to kitchen staples, it's hard to get much more basic than bread.

The scent of freshly baked bread in the air never fails to draw attention, but there's no need to try to capture it in a bottle with a bread maker in the kitchen. The West Bend 41300 Hi Rise Bread Maker lets bread-lovers of all skill levels bake their own bread. Featuring customizable settings as well as automatic operation, the bread maker utilizes a traditionally shaped horizontal bread pan, giving everyone the capability to bake the loaf of bread they desire.

Capable of producing four different loaf sizes from 1 pound up to 2.5 pounds, the countertop appliance features two kneading blades for thorough and complete kneading. It has options for different varieties such as sweet or French bread; there is even a dough setting for those who wish to use the traditional oven but want to avoid all the kneading. Perhaps best of all, the machine comes complete with a delay bake option, programmable for up to 12 hours, providing users the opportunity to be greeted with the scent of freshly baked bread upon returning home.