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Brew it yourself, a cup at a time

The Keurig Commercial Series B155 Brewing System features a touch-screen interface for easy DIY coffee in an office environment.

Something for everyone.

The convenience of a single-serving brewing machine is hard to deny. When faced with the need for coffee (or other brewed beverage), expediency is key. Make it easy, make it fast, and make it good: that's all coffee drinkers ask for. (Not counting all the stuff you can put in your coffee after it is brewed.) With the efficiency of a dedicated appliance designed for ease of use, fresh, hot coffee is but a button press away.

With this popularity in mind, Keurig recently introduced the Commercial Series B155 Brewing System. Featuring a full color touch-screen interface (a first for single-cup commercial brewers), users are guided through the brewing process allowing for customization such as temperature and brew strength. Step-by-step instructions are also displayed on the screen, and there is even multilingual support, as the machine features commands in English, French, or Spanish.

Designed for use in an office environment, the new single-cup brewer features something for everybody. Using K-Cup portion packs (which come in more than 200 coffee, tea, and hot cocoa varieties), individuals are guided through the process to achieve the exact beverage they desire. With a 90-ounce reservoir, and the ability to produce four different serving sizes (4 ounces through 10 ounces), the B155 is the brew-it-yourself machine that everyone in the office can enjoy.