Boxwish: Celluloid style

Boxwish is a site with a great premise: you look up a film, and it tells you where you can buy the stuff seen in the film -- perfect for a Tarantino party

Richard Trenholm Former Movie and TV Senior Editor
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Richard Trenholm
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More harping on about products in movies. This week I returned to Boxwish, a site with a great premise: you look up a film, and it tells you where you can buy the stuff seen in the film. If you spot something for sale that can also be spotted in the film, these 'spots' are linked from the site. You can also add merchandising such as books, toys and branded clothing.

The back catalogue is still woefully patchy, but new releases are well represented. Quantum of Solace has 25 spots, including the Sony Ericsson Titanium C902 Cyber-shot; The Dark Knight has 43, including the Nokia Tube; and Iron Man tots up 34, including the LG Shine. But aside from these clanging product placements, the site shows promise with links to the clothes worn -- Bond in Tom Ford, Bruce Wayne's Armani -- or even better, links to the affordable versions.

What really shows promise, though, is the series of articles on how to get a character's look, such as the Joker or Tyler Durden. The reason I'm so interested is that I've been invited to a Tarantino-themed party. Mr Blonde is out straight off, because every other rambler will be wearing a cheap suit and shades. First choice then is Seth Gecko, but I'm not willing to crop my hair into that Roman style George Clooney made fashionable for about five minutes, and I don't want to biro a big tattoo on my arm. Butch Coolidge is also out for tonsorial reasons. So now I need a red Hawaiian shirt, a grey rockabilly jacket, and either Elvis shades or an eyepatch -- shouldn't be too hard.

After that, I'll be checking back to see if the original Italian Job and Bullithave been spotted yet.