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Boxing day bargains as Currys and PC World sale starts early

We've cast our mince pies over the Boxing Day bargains from Currys & PC World to see if they're worth splashing out your Christmas money.

Fancy a holiday saving? The Boxing Day sale at Currys & PC World starts early on Christmas Eve, so we've cast our mince pies over the deals to see if they're worth splashing out your Christmas money.

As always, it's worth checking out the deals on other sites before you pull the trigger, so I've compared some of the headline deals with Amazon.

The deal that leapt out at me from the off is a red Fujifilm XF1 review, a gorgeously retro-styled 12-megapixel camera with built-in Wi-Fi. It's reduced to a mere £129 -- £80 cheaper than Amazon.

If by Chrimbletime you think your current goggle box just won't do your recorded Christmas telly justice, there are some sizeable savings on various high definition TVs. A 60-inch Samsung LED TV is reduced by a whopping third to £999 -- £150 cheaper than Amazon. And a Sony 5.1 surround system is reduced £249, a saving of £130 and £50 cheaper than Amazon.

But not every deal is a solid gold bargain. A 50-inch Panasonic is down to £499 -- a saving of £300 -- but Amazon is twenty quid cheaper.

Assorted washing machines, fridge-freezers and other white goods also have a few quid knocked off.

Sales start online at 7pm on Christmas Eve, before the real-life Boxing Day sales start at 8am on 26 December.

Who on earth is shopping online the night before Christmas? Apparently quite a few of you: Currys and PC World reckon 350,000 customers stopped by their websites between 7pm and midnight last Christmas Eve, with plenty of people having a look on Christmas Day too. I wouldn't be surprised though if that was you lot looking up the gadget gifts you'd just unwrapped -- probably to find out how much your nearest and dearest had spent on you, you ungrateful beggars.

Have you seen any festive bargains? What's the best present you've received? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook,