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BotObjects opens preorders, shows printed objects

The company that claims to have created a full-color, high-resolution 3D printer has started taking pre-orders for shipping on October 1.


If you're reading BotObjects' description of its new product, the ProDesk3D printer sounds incredible. Not only does it have the highest resolution we've seen for a consumer-grade 3D printer, 25 microns, it also claims to be able to print in full graded color, which is something that we've yet to see realised in a 3D printer.

However, the device itself has drawn scepticism from the public. Not only had we not seen an image of an object printed by the ProDesk3D, but the company has also yet to release an actual photograph of the printer. To date, all we have seen are renders.

This last part is still true, but BotObjects has now posted some images to its website of some items that it claims were printed on the ProDesk3D: a multi-hued vase, a robot and a recorder. These look stunning, and for the early order price of $2,849 (RRP $3,429) for the standard model, with cartridges at $49.95, the printer seems to be highly competitive.


"We are delighted to be ahead of our plan, and release information that customers want to see, such as our own 3D print samples, so they can see the quality of finish and the gorgeous color range in the samples," CEO Martin Warner said in a statement. "We also released the technical specification, the available price and much more. Now, customers can order today!"

Yet, there is still reason to be cautious. No one has seen even a prototype of the printer -- never mind the print head or the cartridge array. Even the specifications are vague, pointing toward general technical details without any deeper insight into how this printer does what others cannot.

So is this a leap forward for 3D printing technology, or do we still need to wait for more details before getting too excited? If BotObjects can deliver a video of the ProDesk3D in action, that would certainly settle any debate once and for all.