Boosted warns of battery threat in its electric skateboards

Board maker urges owners to stop using and charging their devices pending a probe into reports of overheating.

Boosted asks owners of its electric skateboard to stop using the device.

The lithium battery is being blamed for grounding yet another product, this time a skateboard.

Boosted, a maker of electric skateboards, on Wednesday urged customers to stop using and charging its second-generation boards due to two incidents in which lithium ion batteries overheated. The company said it had suspended sales and shipping pending the results of an investigation.

No injuries or property damage was reported as a result of the batteries' failure. But the company suggested storing the device away from anything flammable or removing its battery while the company conducts an investigation.

"We take battery and rider safety extremely seriously at Boosted," the company said in its advisory. "We are working non-stop to diagnose this issue and resolve it for all our riders."

The company also asked customers who have experienced battery venting with their devices to contact the company immediately.

The risk posed by the highly flammable liquid inside most lithium ion batteries has been known for years, but the electronics industry continues to use the flammable formula because the batteries are so much smaller and lighter than less-destructive chemistries. In the past couple of years, the use of lithium ion batteries has been linked to fires and spewing smoke in a slew of products, including Samsung's now-canceled Galaxy Note 7, hoverboards, and Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.