Bluetooth on your watch

Sony Ericsson unveils three high-tech watches.

Sony Ericsson MBW-150 executive edition
Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson didn't just unveil new cell phones today, it also introduced three new Bluetooth watches. What's a Bluetooth watch, you ask? Quite simply, it's a watch with Bluetooth built in. And what do you use it for? Well, that's a better question.

Though "smart watches" came into vogue briefly in 2005, we haven't seen much timepiece technology since then. But Sony Ericsson decided to pump some new life into the sector with its MBY-150 series. Designed in partnership with Fossil, the three watches come in three versions: a "classic edition" with a simple face and a leather wrist band, an "executive edition" with a more stylish face and a metal band, and a "music edition" with a sportier look. When connected to a Bluetooth phone, the watches use Bluetooth to display caller ID, but they also allow you to reject calls and adjust the volume. You'll receive a message on your watch when you get a message, and it will vibrate when your phone goes out of range. And if you own a music phone, the MBY-150 music edition will let you control your handset's player right from your watch. We don't know pricing yet but the watches will be available later this year. See all the watches and Sony Ericsson's new phones in our slide show.