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Blue's Icepop is a broadcast-quality mic for Logitech G Pro, Astro A40 TR gaming headsets

Instant plug-and-play clarity for your game chat and streams.

Josh Goldman/CNET

If you're a gamer and streamer, you might skip using the mic on your gaming headset in favor of a higher-quality USB mic. Pro microphone maker Blue is now giving you another option with the Icepop, a broadcast-quality 10mm condenser boom mic that you can plug right into your existing Logitech or Astro gaming headset.

The $50 mic (approximately £36 and AU$68 converted) is only available for Astro's A40 TR headset or Logitech's G Pro headsets -- wired or wireless. The limited options are disappointing but understandable since the mics are tuned for the specific headsets. The G Pro headsets get the added benefit of the Blue Voice vocal adjustments found in Logitech's G Hub gaming software. Along with a bunch of professional presets, you'll find controls to tune your vocals and create your own presets. 

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Again, the cardioid mic plugs directly into the headset's 3.5mm jack and that's it, you're done and ready to start streaming with better-sounding vocals. It even has a built-in pop filter to keep your Ps and Bs in check. And with no need for one of those foam pop filters on the mic, you can show off the nice-looking design and classic Blue logo in your next stream. If you have a G Pro headset (or Astro 40 TR) and you're disappointed with the mic quality, this is a fast fix for about the same price as one of the company's Snowball Ice USB mics.