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Blast zombies with a DIY flamethrower fueled by cornstarch

Maker Ivan Owen built a fully functional flamethrower out of a blowtorch, leaf blower and flour sifter that uses common kitchen goods goods as fuel.

When the zombies begin their quest for world domination, Ivan Owen will be ready. Owen has built a fully functional DIY flamethrower out of a battery-powered leaf blower, a blowtorch and a flour sifter, and the contraption runs on dry ingredients commonly found around the home.

Things like cornstarch, non-dairy powdered creamer, flour and several other dried goods can be put in the attached flour sifter, and as you sift the dried ingredients into the tube, the leaf blower shoots them through to the torch. The torch sets the dried goods ablaze so they can set anything in front of you, like a zombie or a piece of paper, on fire.

The whole thing is put together using custom 3D-printed pieces, so anyone looking to replicate Owen's creation will need the schematics from Owen to make it work. It's probably a good thing Owen is keeping those plans secret for now, however, as the last thing the world needs is millions of people wielding flamethrowers.

In the video above, you can see that the flamethrower was able to set a few of the paper zombies on fire, though we think it would need a little more power to help Owen survive a zombie apocalypse. Still, it's a good start, and Owen is at least a bit more prepared than you and I to ward off an onslaught of the undead.

(Via Laughing Squid)