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BlackBerry's PlayBook head steps down

The executive in charge of the Blackberry PlayBook has resigned from his role with the troubled company.

Another BlackBerry executive has departed the troubled company: this time it's David J Smith who was in charge of the PlayBook tablet.

(Credit: BlackBerry)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Smith has resigned "as the Tablet Is no longer supported" by BlackBerry.

A spokesperson told the WSJ that Smith "continues to come into work every day and is committed to working with BlackBerry through a proper transition".

Back in May, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins indicated that the PlayBook would not be transitioned into the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem, effectively killing the device.

The PlayBook had struggled from its initial launch in 2011, with BlackBerry reportedly writing off US$500m in unsold tablets last year. Reviews of the PlayBook tended to praise the hardware, while lamenting the lack of apps and the unintuitive interface.