BlackBerry PlayBook shows off multi-tasking and gaming features

New video footage of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has emerged showing the device's fast multi-tasking, and several games. It adds to the impression that RIM may have a contender on its hands.

Stuart Dredge
2 min read

BlackBerry PlayBook still doesn't have a confirmed release date or price here in the UK, but new video footage of RIM's tablet in action has whetted our appetites for the device. It shows the PlayBook's multi-tasking in action, along with several games.

The video was shot by VentureBeat at last week's Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco, as RIM's Tyler Lessard showed off the 7-inch tablet.

Among the games demoed was a new version of EA's Need for Speed, and a Flash game called Machinarium. Oh, and according to Lessard, an open-source version of Quake was up and running on the device within a week of the developers starting to port it.

Here's the video:

The PlayBook certainly has the chops for decent gaming, despite the fact that a lot of RIM's rhetoric around it has made it sound like a more business-focused tablet.

The 7-inch screen may be smaller than iPad and iPad 2, but it has a 1GHz dual-core processor inside to match the latter device, and an impressive 1GB of RAM -- Apple is keeping mum about how much RAM is inside the iPad 2, but it's thought to be 512MB at the most.

The multi-tasking looks very slick from this video too, flicking between different games with barely a pause. One thing that's still not clear about the PlayBook is what impact its multi-tasking and 3D gaming will have on its battery life, though.

Reviewers haven't been able to sit down with the tablet for longer than a few minutes at a time, but how long its juice lasts will be crucial for both corporate users and people attracted by its gaming potential.

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