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Black Friday deals roundup: We hunt for tech bargains

We take a look at some of the Black Friday sales, to figure out which tech retailers are the wisest buy today.

Black Friday is traditionally a US phenomenon -- a single day where prices are slightly reduced in the run up to Christmas. UK tech retailers are getting in one the cost-cutting action however, so here are some today-only deals we've spotted.


Tim Cook and company are screaming bargains from the tops of their lungs, filling your shopping basket with once-in-a-lifetime deals like an iPad for £368 (£31 off).

Elsewhere you can nab the latest iPod touch from £228 or the new iPod nano for £118, a jaw-dropping saving of 11 whole British pounds. It's Black Friday fever, people!

The savings to be had on Apple's pricey computers are more substantial, with £81 off the base price of the MacBook Pro with retina display, MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. That means you can get a MacBook Air from £768, which isn't a staggering saving, but is worth considering if you were planning on snapping one up soon anyway.

Almost everything Apple makes has been discounted slightly (though there's no iPhone in sight) -- browse the deals here.

Phones 4u

Buying a phone contract on a whim is never a smart move, but Phones 4u is offering a free Galaxy Tab 2 when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 on contract for £25 per month. That's not a great deal, as Samsung's mobile is a little long in the tooth and the £160 Nexus 7 is a far superior tablet.

The Lumia 800's special offer meanwhile is 100MB of data, and there's £150 cashback on the iPhone 5 when you agree to a 24-month contract, paying £25 per month. The pay as you go deals are fractionally more tempting, though the only really decent mobile on offer is the Lumia 800, which can be yours from £144 plus £10 top up.


Amazon is selling its Kindle Fire tablet for £99 today, a saving of £30. That's a substantial discount and good news if you were planning on buying one anyway, though that device is not to be confused with the higher-resolution Kindle Fire HD tablet. The Fire HD is newer and costs £159, having been untouched by the money-scented hands of Black Friday deals.

Elsewhere Amazon is shovelling a whole heap of Christmas-stocking coal onto its Black Friday fire, with uninspiring deals like 32 per cent off a True Blood T-shirt and an Angry Birds speaker for just under £15. Any vaguely interesting deals are snapped up in moments so you need to be quick if there's something that catches your eye. I did spot some cheap USB sticks though.

Buyer beware!

Don't forget folks, you might find technology on sale a bit cheaper than usual today, but they can still be blindingly pricey, so think a few minutes before throwing down cash on an impulse buy.

Black Friday can nab you a bargain, but its primary purpose is to make retailers money by feeding on shoppers' panic buys. The house always wins, so purchase with care. Here endeth the lesson.

All in all, we haven't spotted much to be excited about yet. Have you seen any great Black Friday deals? Give us a shout in the comments below or over on our Facebook wall and we'll add them to the story.