BioShock is free! BioShock is free! (for PC)

I'm not sure how long GameFly plans to give away this awesome game, so grab it while you can.

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Rick Broida
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BioShock is free for a very limited time.
BioShock is free for a very limited time. Take-Two Interactive

I'm not scheduled to write another Cheapskate post until tomorrow (it's one you won't want to miss, by the way), but I couldn't let this go.

While supplies last, GameFly is giving away one of my all-time favorite games: BioShock (PC). I realize most serious gamers have played it by now, while others might have scooped it up when it was on sale for $5, but if you haven't yet had the pleasure (or the $5) -- well, now's the time.

What's the catch? No catch, except you will need to install the GameFly download client. Beyond that, you'll need Windows XP or later, a decent processor (dual-core or better), and enough graphics horsepower for a visually dynamic game.

Update: One catch: GameFly does ask for your credit-card info. It's a subscription service, and obviously the idea is to get you to sign up at some point. But you won't get charged anything unless you do, so I don't have a problem with it. If you do, cool, no harm, no foul, skip the giveaway. Also, as stated plainly on the product page, this offer is good only for residents of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Doesn't matter that BioShock is five years old. It still looks fabulous, still draws you into its epic and original story, still makes you jump out of your chair every now and again. Read GameSpot's review if you want to know more.

According to a GameFly rep, the company has a "limited quantity of free downloads from the publisher." Translation: get this now before it's gone.

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