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Bevometer drink koozie counts consumption

The Bevometer keeps track of how many drinks you have had. Every time a drink is inserted, the counters go up by one.

It's hard to count while drinking; the Bevometer does it for you.
It's hard to count while drinking; the Bevometer does it for you.
Justin and Jenny Richmond/Kickstarter

Some things in life are generally unknowable. These range from the meaningless and mundane to the truly deep, philosophical questions of our time. For example, nobody really knows if the refrigerator light turns off when the door is closed. Our greatest minds have joined together on the quest to discover the truth, but usually these meetings disintegrate into someone opening and closing the door really, really fast. To date, nobody can confirm (or deny) the existence of the elusive refrigerator gnome.

All that opening and closing of the refrigerator door is sure to drive up one's thirst, which leads us to another great question concerning modern life: how many drinks have I had? This time, however, there is an answer.

The Bevometer is a drink-counting beer can koozie. Capable of keeping track of all-time consumption as well as on a per-round basis, the simple device adds a new dimension to enjoying a cold one. Usage is automatic: every time a beverage (works with water and soda, too) is inserted into the cooler, the "lifetime" and "this time" counters increase by one. All of this, of course, brings up another one of life's great questions: do you really want your companions to know how many drinks you've had?

Apparently, yes. The Kickstarter project created by Justin and Jenny Richmond is well on its way to reaching its goal. Cheers and cheers again.